About Us


Sherpa Gear was founded in 2017 by a husband and wife team who happened to get involved in Endurance Sports a little later in life, in their mid 30's.  Bryan is an avid cyclist, a cat 3 Road/Crit racer, and spends his weekends putting in as many miles as he possibly can.  Cycling is a stress reliever from his hectic job and any chance he gets to ride his bike = a happy man.  

Stacy on the other hand is a runner at heart. Her journey started out in 2008 when she took on the challenge of running her first marathon. Since then she has run over 30+ marathons, a 50 mile ultra marathon and a couple 140.6 Ironman Endurance Triathlons.  Her happy place is running and connecting with her friends.    


A few years ago I (Stacy) had the opportunity to race in the Ironman Arizona Triathlon.  As the race was approaching, just 6 weeks out, I was involved in a forum of athletes who wanted to give back to their family and support crew [aka SHERPAS] by creating goody bags for Race Day.  Not only was our day going to be long, but we knew theirs was as well.  I had the opportunity to create some inexpensive bags for that race and was inundated by athletes who wanted some for their own Sherpas.  It was then that I realized that this was something that athletes needed and wanted.  Their desire was to use this small token of a gift for their family/friends as an expression of thankfulness for their support.

Following that race, I realized that there was a real need for Sherpa Gear.  For 2 years we've processed the dream and vision of launching this company and have taken the steps necessary to make it a reality.  Along our journey we discovered that Sherpa Gear has a two-fold purpose.  The first was easy to see as we experienced the need that people had.  But the second was so much deeper, so in-line with what we wanted and who we are.  We realized that we didn't want Sherpa Gear to be just a company that sells products to athletes for their Sherpas.  Our deep desire is that we want to be the Sherpa to athletes...to YOU.  We want our company to be a support for Endurance athletes by providing a community to athletes, resources as you train, to encourage and inspire you to reach new heights and set new goals, and to walk with you along your journey of watching your dreams become reality.


What is a Sherpa?  Sherpas by definition are native members of a Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering.  Many people are familiar with the Sherpas who help mountain climbers summit Mt. Everest.  Sherpas are known to carry the gear and supplies for those athlete climbers who take on that challenge of reaching the peak of that famous mountain.  In the world of Endurance Triathlons, athletes use the term Sherpa as an endearing term for their family and support crew.  If you have ever seen how loaded down our Sherpas are on race morning, you will understand the concept. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit us!  This website is just a means to provide gear for your Sherpa's [& for athletes as well], but we want to invite you to join us on Facebook to connect in a more personal way.  Come join our community on Facebook / SherpaGear.


If you want to connect with us on email as well, we will use this avenue to push out our products, offer special discounts to our loyal customers, and encourage you to dream BIG and reach your goals.